Outings for 2018

2018 Outings for CFF Members

2018 is an exciting year for the CFF outing schedule. We already have several of our favorite fishing spots lined up with CFF’s genial outing hosts. Many of our dates are coordinated with the US Fish and Wildlife trout stocking schedule so the catching, at least theoretically, is more probable and a little easier.

At each of our meetings there will be a sign-up sheet for upcoming outings.  We have a variety of day and overnight trips.  We also meet some evenings for fun, fishing, and companionship.

Due to liability constraints, CFF sponsored outings are for CFF members only, but our $25 dues are well worth the cost for membership. Come join Cascade Family Fly Fishers.

Outing                             Date(s)                              Host(s)

Cleowax Lake                                 March 15                                               Bill Burleigh

Back to this coastal lake south of Florence with a new leader, stillwater expert Bill Burleigh. This lake is shallow, easily fished, and heavily stocked. Bill knows this lake well and is usually successful here. Great way to get the kinks out of your fly line and kick off our 2018 angling season.

Hult Reservoir                               April 14                                                Bill Burleigh/Glen Neal

This is the oldest outing on our schedule, and usually the most heavily attended. Leaders Bill Burleigh and Glen Neal know the lake like the back of their hands. This is a good trip for novices and experienced anglers to get help from the many club members attending without driving far. Fishing can range from red-hot to slow, but it is always a good time. And…to top it off, Bill and Glen always bring Dutch oven cobbler desserts so don’t miss this one!

Carmen Reservoir                        May 3                                                                     Rod Roth

Our Carmen Reservoir outing is a one-day fishing trip at the uppermost diversion reservoir used by EWEB for power production. The water, the McKenzie River just a few miles from Clear Lake, is exceptionally clear and cold, ranging in depths of 4 to 18 feet. The reservoir is well stocked, and our host, Rod Roth, has planned this outing to coincide with the release of over 5000 trout. ODFW has promised this stocking to include 1,000 “Trophy” and 100 “Trophy Plus” size fish. Oh…this could be epic! Be sure to join us for this great fishing day adventure.

North Twin                                    June 2                                                                    Bob Wolfe     

For those busy families, Bob Wolfe is hosting a one day outing to the North Twin Lake. The beautiful lake was formed from a crater that filled with ground water, set in the Deschutes forest area. The lake is just 2.25 hours away, stocked with trophy rainbow trout, and is a great place to fly fish for all fishing levels.  Bob is an excellent host, sharing his fishing experience with all.  Come join the fun.  This is one outing you won’t want to miss.

Erma Bell Lakes                         June 15-16                                                              Glenn Miller

The Erma Bell Lakes are nestled in the Three Sisters Wilderness area and provide a beautiful setting to spend two days fishing for wild Rainbow trout up to 18 inches. We camp at the trailhead for one night and pack our float tubes into the lakes on a two mile, fairly level trail. This annual trip provides exercise, good fishing, and great camaraderie as we eat and fish as a group. Come join us in 2018!

Calapooia River                          June 30                                                                    Ginnie Grilley     

If small stream fishing is your thing, this trip to the Calapooia River is for you! Located one drainage north of the Mckenzie, there are wily cutthroat, heavy rainbows, and plenty of salmon smolts competing for your fly. This section of the river has been closed to motorized access for a number of years. Once the brush as been tamed, the wading is relatively easy.

East Lake                                      July 12-15                                                                  Kat/Frank Paiva

High in the caldera of a dormant volcano, East Lake is one of the most beautiful areas in Central Oregon to fish. Large brown trout, rainbow, and kokanee are abundant, and CFF members do our best to get them attracted to our flies. Come join us for one of our most popular annual outings.

Small Streams                           July 28 – 29                                                                Glenn Miller        

If you’re looking to learn or gain experience on small stream fishing, this is the trip for you.  We’ll spend two days fishing on the best small streams around Oakridge (North Fork, Middle Fork, & Salmon Creek), all upper tributaries of the Willamette River.  We’re planning to have 3-4 experienced stream fishers to help guide this trip.  Beautiful scenery, some good exercise, and a chance to catch feisty, wild Cutthroat and Rainbows are attractions for this trip.   

Crane Prairie                            August 25                                                           Joe Moody/Dennis Munroe

This is a new addition to our outings schedule. Leaders Joe and Dennis have fished here many times the last few years and it is a favorite. Fishing can be easy or tough, but this is your best chance to catch some of Oregon’s largest and hardest fighting rainbows…the famous “CraneBow”!

Gold Lake Derby                      September 8-9                                               Joe Moody/Dennis Munroe

We moved this outing to autumn to avoid the prolific mosquito hatch and added a fun competition element. This beautiful lake sits at 4,800 ft, elevation near the top of Willamette Pass not far from Eugene. The lake is full of brookies and some nice rainbows, last year most anglers were very successful. This year we are initiating the first annual Gold Lake Derby.

Metolius River                          September 14-16                                                       Mike Marlatt           

Stream anglers couldn’t dream up a better outing than this!  A challenging, blue ribbon trout stream in a beautiful setting and a trip leader who is a hall of fame fly tier who spent his youth fishing the Metolius. Mike Marlatt leads this new outing for 2018…should be a memorable trip.

Blitzen River                             September 29-30                                                       John Higby           

The Blitzen is a wonderful creek-sized river in SE Oregon about 60 miles south of Burns at the base of the Steens Mountains. It flows through over 5 miles of winding canyon and holds many fat native redband trout. This is a walk-in fishery & while the campground is busy late September, few people fish upstream for an unfettered fishing experience including friendly trout (C&R). The Blitzen is an oasis with birds & wildlife all around. You can also fish for some monster trout on Krumbo Reservoir, only about 20 miles away.

Diamond Lake                          October 5-7                                                                   Marv Clemons

Diamond Lake outing is always a grand adventure for those participating. Set high in the Umpqua National Forest, this beautiful lake is ideal for fishing with views of Mt Bailey and Mt Thielsen. Marv Clemons, this outing host, has lots of experience fishing this lake over the years and readily shares his expertise. The Diamond Lake Lodge offers amenities that make this trip a delight. Be sure to get your reservations early as rooms fill quickly.

If you have a special fishing area you would love to share with other members, please contact Dennis Munroe munroe.da@gmail.com    The outings can be bank access or lake fishing, one day or several days, local or distant. Information and help with hosting an outing is available.

Invitation to join Lower Umpqua FlyCasters

Umpqua Bass Tuberama         July 8-15                                                               Glen Neal

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