2017 Officers & Committees / Contact Us

If you have any questions regarding the club please feel free to drop us a line.

2017  Officers

Randy Beard – President – orbeard@aol.com

Trese Slocum – Vice President – t.slo@aol.com

Jen Acosta – Secretary – jen.acosta@comcast.net

Rod Roth – Treasurer – stagetworod@comcast.net

Glenn Miller – Immediate Past President – glennrmiller@gmail.com

Directors of the Board

Ginnie Grilley  – Joe Moody -Bob Wolfe -Brandy Williford – Craig Prindel – Jim Breedlove

2017 Committee Chairs

Speaker Programs: Michael T Williams
Raffle: Fred Acosta
Librarian: Betty Capt
Outings: Trese Slocum
Newsletter: Roz Kauffman, rozinkadena@yahoo.com
Membership: Michelle Overall
Communication: Michelle Overall, overalls2@msn.com
Conservation: Glen Neil
Fly Swap: Steve Overall
Fly Tying: Rod Roth
Auction: Frank and Katherine Paiva, Chairpersons.
FFI: Mike Marlatt and Brandy Williford
Website: Carolyn Beardshear, cbshear@gmail.com
Facebook: Brandy Williford
Volunteer Events: Glenn Miller http://glennrmiller@gmail.com