Tyers Corner – Classes and Patterns

Fly tying is a very important part of our sport. This page is dedicated to the tyers, a page where we can share and collaborate on our abilities as a club. For those of you who tie please feel free to post pictures and advice as you see fit. If you want you can email me your pictures and write ups. For those of you that do not tie there is still hope. If you find this page interesting and would like to get involved the club does offer fly tying classes at a very reasonable rate. Contact Rod Roth or Mike Marlatt for more information on upcoming classes.

Fly Tying Classes


2018 Introduction To Fly Tying :    6-8:30 Pm

January  9—16—23—30

$35 for 4 sessions

All materials, equipment and instruction are provided.  If you have your own tying equipment and need advice for their use, bring it with you.  The first class is going to be show-and-tell and instructional.

2018 Regular Tying Classes:  7-9 p.m.



$35.00 for the 8 weeks  or $ 7.00 per session

@ Community of Christ Church,  1485 Gilham Road, Eugene.

All materials and instruction are provided

Limited basic fly-tying equipment provided —if needed.

Signup Sheet for BOTH classes will be available at the Regular meeting, or contact: Rod Roth @ 541-342-6745 –or- email– stagetworod@comcast.net

Mop Fly

“I was using a new crazy simple “mop fly” Turns out it’s a killer on stocked trout.  They must think it’s something they eat at the hatchery.  I bought a Windex dust mitt and used the little microfiber dreadlocks and tied up a bunch.  They have been working at Carmen and Munsel.  – Roz, at Munsel Lake

(Click HERE to see Mop Fly tying video).

Fly-tying Class  2017

Over 30 CFF members attended the eight weeks of fly tying this winter. 

Thanks to Rod Roth for making this experience possible.

Patterns for 2017 Classes:

February 1, 2107– -Tying Night #1— Rod Roth: Dry Chiro

February 8, 2017— Tying Night #2 Tony Torrence—Mega Prince

February 15, 2017— Tying Night #3 Bill Burleigh—Still-Water-Nymph-1.pdf

February 22, 2017— Tying Night #4 Rod Roth–Foam-Chernoyble-Ant.pdf

March 1, 2017– – Tying Night #5 Jason Mitzner–The-Joker.pdf

March 8, 2017– – Tying Night #6 Steve Overall– –Overalls Caddis

March 15, 2017— Tying Night # 7 Vic Hadley—Vicks-Callabetis-Nymph

March 22, 2107— Tying Night #8 Rod Roth—Muddler Minnow

Here is an excellent video on tying the muddler Minnow.  When selected go down to the second picture and select the video.  http://www.orvis.com/news/?s=Muddler+Minnow&x=13&y=11